Photo: Stefan Olsson/Svensk Galopp

Welcome to Göteborg Galopp

Göteborg Galopp

The racecourse in Gothenburg

Göteborg Galopp is beautifully located at Säve, about 8 kilometers north of the central parts of the Gothenburg. The racecourse was inaugurated in 2002 and hosts nine racedays per year.

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About Göteborg Galopp

At Göteborg Galopp all races are ridden on a 1,900 meter long turf track. The season runs between May and October. Inside the grass course there is also a sand track for training.

The environment around the course has a rural feel with open landscapes. Göteborg Galopp is a typical summer course that is perfect for a picnic with a group of friends. On racedays there is a kiosk and several food trucks.

There are several professional trainers and amateur trainers in the west of Sweden. As no horses are permanently stabled on the track, the trainers have their own farms in the area. On race days, there are guest stables for the runners.

Racedays at Göteborg Galopp in 2021


16 May (Sunday): Sunday racing

30 May (Sunday): Sunday racing


27 June (Sunday): Sunday racing


4 July (Sunday): Sunday racing

14 July (Wednesday): Lunch racing

28 July (Wednesday): Lunch racing


15 August (Sunday): Göteborgs Stora Pris


4 September (Saturday): Saturday racing


2 October (Saturday): Svenskt St. Leger