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Jägersro Galopp

Jägersro - the racecourse in Malmö

Jägersro was inaugurated in 1907 and is the only track in Sweden that organizes both flat racing and trotting. The racing season starts in April and ends in November. Svensk Galopp organizes 24 race days at Jägersro Galopp. The highlights are Pramms Memorial (L) in May, the Swedish Derby in July and the Swedish Oaks in July/August.

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About Jägersro Galopp

At Jägersro we compete on a 1,460 meter dirt track. In addition to this, there are also two straight tracks and a cushion track for training.

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Jägersro Galopp is a sharp, left-handed dirt track with a circumference of just above 7 furlongs. The straight is slightly under 2 furlongs. 6f races are started from a chute and has a long run to the bend.

Around 250 racehorses are stabled at Jägersro. Other trainers will bring their horses to Jägersro every week in order to exercise and compete.

The grandstand is more than 100 meters long and houses a restaurant, a café, a bar and kiosks. The restaurant serves lunch on weekdays, even on non-race days. See the menu on Jägersro Restauranger's website.